Wong Ka Kui: Age 31 | Cause Of Death: TRAGIC ACCIDENT (MISC)

Filming TV Show


(b. 10 June 1962,
d. 30 June 1993)

Ka Kui went into a coma as a result of falling off a stage set while filming a Japanese comedy tv program.  He hit his head on the ground and was rushed to the hospital.  He died a week later.  

On the evening, Mr. Murakami Koichi of Fuji TV, held a press conference. Following is the extracts from it:  

“Mr. Wong Ka Kui, the member of Hong Kong’s rock band ‘BEYOND’, who fell down unfortunally from a set during the filmming of ‘Ucchan-nanchan no yarunara yaraneba’ and has gone into the Tokyo joshi idai Hospital, died from several injury of the brain at 16:45 today 30th of June.  

“We do pray for the repose of Ka Kui’s soul. Also, we would like to offer our heartfelt condolences to Mr. Wong Ka Kui’s family. This bad news is very regrettable for families and all his fans who have supported him from all over the world and we do express our regret for the news. In the future we promise never to cause such accidents and to do our best for it.   

 “His family and BEYOND were there when he was about to die.