Tommy Bolin: Age 25 | Cause Of Death: POOR MAINTENANCE

Tommy Bolin

JAMES GANG/Deep Purple

(b. 1 August 1951, Sioux City, Iowa, USA, d. 4 December 1976, Miami, Florida)

Unable to resist temptation Bolin went on a binge. He recovered in time for their show at the Jai Alai Fronton Hall on December 3rd, where they were supporting Jeff Beck. The set went down a storm with a lengthy version of “Post Toastie” climaxing the performance. Backstage Bolin and Beck posed for a picture after which Tommy returned to his Miami Beach hotel with his girlfriend. Late that night, he passed out; fearful of adverse publicity no doctor was called and, as he seemed to come round, roadies put him back to bed. Around 8 am the following day, Saturday, December 4th, his girlfriend saw that he was looking much worse and finally an ambulance was called, but Bolin died before it arrived. ~Text written by Simon Robinson. Transcribed by Bill Jones in August 1994
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