Tim Buckley: Age 28 | Cause Of Death: HEROIN

(b. 14 February 1947, Washington, DC, USA, d. 29 June 1975)

Tim Buckley died in June 1975, of a heroin overdose.  The story goes like this: After a short tour culminating in a sold-out show at an 1,800-capacity venue in Dallas, the band partied on the way home, as was customary. An inebriated Tim proceeded to his good friend Richard Keeling’s house in order to score some heroin. As Underwood tells it, Keeling, in flagrante delicto and unwilling to be disturbed, argued with Buckley : “Finally, in frustration, Richard put a quantity of heroin on a mirror and thrust it at Tim, saying, ‘Go ahead, take it all’, like a challenge. As was his way, Tim sniffed the lot. Whenever he was threatened or told what to do, he rebelled.” Staggering and lurching around the house, Buckley had to be taken home, where Judy Buckley laid him on the floor with a pillow. She then put him  to bed, thinking he would recover; when she checked later, he’d turned an ominous shade of blue. The paramedics were called but it was too late.  Tim Buckley was dead.   ~By Martin Aston