Sandy Denny: Age 31 | Cause Of Death: CEREBRAL HEMORRHAGE

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Alexandra Elene Maclean Denny

(b. 6 Jan 1947, Wimbledon, London,  d. 21 April 1978, London)

A former student at Kingston Art College where her contemporaries included John Renbourn and Jimmy Page, Sandy Denny forged her early reputation in London folk clubs. Following a fall down the staircase at a friend’s house Sandy died from a cerebral hemorrhage on 21 April 1978.  

Added 3-13-99:
I’m Sandy Denny’s biographer..  The fall down the stairs seems to have occurred quite a bit before her death, sometime between 1 and 13 April 1978.  She went to stay with a friend in London on 13 April.  On the following Monday, she was found unconscious by a friend of that friend and was taken to the hospital, where she remained in a coma until her death on 21 April.  The death was ruled accidental.  The cause was indeed a cerebral hemorrhage.  It’s not clear, though, that there was a second fall downstairs at the friend’s house; Sandy may have collapsed from the effects of the first fall.  She had headaches after that earlier fall but never sought medical help.~ Pam Winters.