Oupa Mafokate “Makhendlas”: Age 27 | Cause Of Death: SUICIDE

(Died: 7 November 1998)

South African musician dies ~November 2, 1998, http://news.bbc.co.uk
Music fans in South Africa are mourning the death of a young musician, Oupa Mafokate, who apparently shot himself in the head.  Mafokate — known as Makhendlas — was a rising star of kwaito — a rap-derived music seen as a symbol of black empowerment. His manager said he may have been upset about an incident at a concert on Saturday when he wounded a backstage intruder.”   /////  Makhendlas – township slang for “fun lover” – is reported to have committed suicide in the aftermath of a fatal brawl. The young star was billed as the top attraction at Saturday night’s concert in Tonga, Nelspruit. But before he could perform, he got involved in a deadly fracas with a nuisance fan who had reportedly been harassing him and his musical crew before their Mpumalanga show. At some point Makhendlas’s emotions replaced his brains and he whipped out his gun and pumped three bullets into the troublesome man. ~http://www.mg.co.za/mg/art/music/9811/981105-makhendlas.html