Nico: Age 49 | Cause Of Death: CEREBRAL HEMORRHAGE


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(b. Christa Paffgen (Pavolsky), 16 Oct. 1938, Cologne, Germany,   d. 18 July 1988, Ibiza, Spain) 

Known to the music world as the chanteuse of Andy Warhol and  The Velvet Underground fame, Nico’s celebrity begins with her being introduced to a European social set which included film director Federico Fellini.  Nico began an acting career with a memorable appearance in LA DOLCE VITA.  Later, after her star had faded, signs of an artistic revival followed treatment for drug addiction, but this unique artist died in Ibiza on 18 July 1988, after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage while cycling in intense heat.  

Another perspective: For one whose life was bedecked with musty glamour, Nico died an absurdly ungracious death. While holidaying in Ibiza in 1988, she fell off her push-bike, and later died in hospital from a brain hemorrhage. No one knew who she was — just another junkie looking for drugs in the sun. ~Pat Gilbert, Record Collector.