Nick Traina: Age 19 | Cause Of Death: SUICIDE

Link 80, Knowledge

Died: 20 September, 1997

He was the subject of his mother Danielle Steel’s book, His Bright Light.  “When Nick Traina died, he was 19 years old, just starting up a new band, and dealing with the ills of manic depression. Best known for his membership in Link 80, Traina had just formed a new band called Knowledge and had recorded a promising new demo. Signed to Asian Man Records at the time, the president of the label was to receive the tapes after Traina’s death.”~ 

“Now, the bad news = Nick Traina, the insane vocalist on this CD, sadly succumbed to a heroin addiction, and died of suicide. He was manic depressive, and the lyrics show much of it, especially on “Slap”, with ‘When I was a child, my castle was my home, now I walk down empty streets, memories and me alone, it’s easier to burn a bridge than to cross it, to slip, give in, give up, move on, and try to forget. More has been said in silence than could ever be spoken in words, secret’s shared, and promises kept, and feelings that will never be cured.’ “~