Mitar Subotic: Age 38 | Cause Of Death: FIRE

aka Suba

(Died: November 2, 1999)

Suba was a producer who had important participation in the process of inserting electronic sonorities in the Brazilian pop sound in the ’90s. Suba (Mitar Subotic) arrived in Brazil on March 15, 1990, with a UNESCO scholarship. No one knew him, but he opened his way and began to display his work in music, theater, dance, fashion, and advertising. Among his several notable works as producer are the albums Tanto Tempo (Bebel Gilberto), Pierrot do Brasil (Marina Lima), Benzina (Edgard Scandurra), and Fuá na Casa de Cabral (Mestre Ambrósio). His first solo album, São Paulo Confessions (released in the U.S. by Ziriguiboom, 1999), was praised by international specialized publications. Suba died in a fire in his apartment in São Paulo on November 2, 1999. The SUBA Institute was created to celebrate his memory. — Alvaro Neder

In November 1999 came horrible news: Mitar Subotic died in a fire in his studio while he was trying to save original recordings of Bebel Gilberto new album “Tanto Tempo”. That is the legend and we didn’t want to investigate. Heroic death, chivalry gesture, some would say “an authentic ironic death of music” after which remains only silence. ~