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Marc Bolan: Age 30 | Cause Of Death: CAR CRASH

T. Rex

(b. Mark Feld, 30 July 1947, London, England, d. 16 September 1977)

Initially dubbed Toby Tyler, he completed several unsuccessful demo discs before reportedly adopting his new surname from ( Bo) b Dy( lan).  A former model in the halcyon Mod era, Bolan began his singing career during the mid-60s folk boom.  Frustrated at his commercial impasse, the artist then opted to join Napier-Bell proteges John’s Children in 1967. He composed their best-known single, Desdemona, but left the line-up after a matter of months to form Tyrannosaurus Rex (later T. Rex). Between 1970-73 this highly popular attraction enjoyed a run of 10 consecutive Top 5 singles, but Marc’s refusal to alter the formula of his compositions resulted in an equally spectacular decline. Bolan was, nonetheless, one of the few established musicians to embrace punk and a contemporary television series, MARC, revived a flagging public profile. This ascendancy ended abruptly in September 1977 when the artist, as a passenger in a car driven by his common law wife, American soul singer Gloria Jones, was killed when they crashed into a tree on Barnes Common, London. (T. Rex members: Steve Peregrine Took died in 1980 choking on a cherry pit on mushrooms, and Steve Currie, who had played bass on Electric Warrior and The Slider, met his end in 1981. Also, Marc’s first and only wife -they never divoced, June Bolan passed away of a heart attack while vacationing in Turkey in 1995 at age aprox. 46). T. Rex Connections