Kristen Pfaff: Age 27 | Cause Of Death: HEROIN

Hole     Janitor Joe

(b. 1967, d. 16 June 94)

In June of 1994, Kristen had gone back to Seattle to pack up the things that she had left behind when she had moved back to Minneapolis. Her U-Haul was parked out front of her King County apartment. A friend  [Paul Erickson, the bassist in the Minneapolis band Hammerhead] slept in another room while she went in to take a bath. The friend awoke and realized Kristen was not out of the bathroom yet. He knocked. He could hear that she had fallen asleep in the tub-a normal thing for Kristen. He went back to sleep. The next morning, June 16, the worried friend kicked open the door only to find that Kristen had died during the night, a victim of a heroin overdose. What happened in that bathroom that night in June is Kristen’s most devastating secret. ~Lynda Davis (with permission of Ms. Pfaff)