Keven A. “Dino” Conner: Age 28 | Cause Of Death: CAR CRASH

(Born: 18 November 1974, Houston, Texas, United States; Died: 28 January 2003, Houston, Texas, United States)


H-Town’s Dino Conner, R&B artist, dies at 28


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Keven A. “Dino” Conner, a force in Houston’s rhythm and blues scene, died Tuesday in an automobile accident. He was 28. Between the gangsta rap of the Geto Boys and Scarface and the dance bounce of Destiny’s Child was the multimillion-album-selling trio who felt so much pride in their hometown they named the group after it: H-Town. Nine years after the group went national with the hit Knockin’ Da Boots and more than five years since its last release, H-Town was preparing to reunite. Those plans are now on hold after Conner’s death. Houston police report that a sports utility vehicle struck a car driven by Teshya Rae Weisent, 22, in which Conner was a passenger. Conner’s twin brother and bandmate, Shazam Conner, said Weisent had just picked Dino Conner up from his recording studio. The SUV allegedly ran a red light and struck the vehicle, throwing Conner and Weisent from the car. Conner died en route to the hospital; Weisent was dead at the scene. “We had basically just finished recording our new album and were getting ready for an H-Town reunion tour,” said Shazam Conner. “We really haven’t had time to think about what will happen now.” H-Town got its break in the early ’90s after being signed to 2 Live Crew band leader Luther Campbell’s Luke record label. It was the only nonrap group Luke carried at the time. Its first album, Fever For Da Flavor, was anchored by the single Knockin’ Da Boots. The song’s soulful harmony helped propel it to sales of over 1 million and a rating as the No. 12-selling single of 1993. The clever turn of phrase became synonymous with sex. The next year, H-Town received a best new R&B artist honors Soul Train Award in 1994 and nominations at the American Music and Billboard Awards. Radio morning show host Mad Hatta at Houston’s KBXX, 97.9 FM, The Box became friends with H-Town members in 1993. He said one of the thrills of his career was when the trio thanked him while accepting the award on the televised broadcast. “They gave me a shout out and I will never forget it because it was my birthday,” said Hatta. H-Town followed up Fever for Da Flavor with 1994’s Beggin’ After Dark and Ladies Edition. The group also shared space with stars like Snoop Dogg’s Dogg Pound on the hip-hop movie soundtrack to Above the Rim, and Brian McKnight on the Addams Family Values soundtrack. Shazam said H-Town remains one of the most successful groups never signed to a major label, with more than 8 million albums sold worldwide. Funeral arrangements for Conner are pending. He is survived by a daughter. A candlelight vigil at 9543 South Main is being arranged for Monday night. More details are available on The Box Web site, www.kbxx.com.