Ken Jensen: Age 28 | Cause Of Death: FIRE


(Born: 1966, Died: January 29, 1995)

(Taken from the liner notes of DOA’s album “The Black Spot”)

At 2 p.m. on Sunday, January 29th, 1995, I got a phone call from Tom Holliston. He informed me that Ken Jenson, D.O.A.’s drummer, had just died in a house fire. I thought Tom was joking, so I made him tell me three more times before I believed it.  When Laurie Mercer and I arrived at Ken’s house in east Vancouver, we were immediately greeted by two firemen. “A seven dollar smoke detector would have saved your friends life,” Said one fireman. I stared at the charred remains of Ken’s house – further disbelief overwhelmed me. What a waste. Ken was gone and it could have easily been prevented with a simple little smoke detector. In short order,
the firemen surmised, the fire probably started from a cigarette being dropped into a couch.   Fortunately, four other friends escaped the blaze in the nick of time: Cosi, Rob, Karen and our old pal, Craig Bougie.  I’d like to thank all of the thoughtful people who helped out or played at the Mclean Street Fire Victims Benefits that where held in Regina, Portland, Seattle, Toronto, and Vancouver in the spring of 1995.   On behalf of D.O.A. and all of Ken’s friends, I’d especially like to thank Ken’s parents- Elizabeth and Curt- for giving us a chance to share some time and humor with such a good guy. (The D.O.A. album “The Black Spot” was dedicated to Curt, and Elisabeth and the memory of Ken.)  -Joe Keithley for D.O.A.