Keith Relf: Age 32 | Cause Of Death: ELECTROCUTED

The Yardbirds


(b. 1944, Richmond, Surrey, England, d. 14 May 1976; vocals/harmonica)

The legacy of the Yardbirds has refused to die, particularly in the wake of the fame enjoyed by its former guitarists.  After leaving the Yardbirds, Relf and McCarty stayed with music, first forming a folk duo called Together and then founding Renaissance. The band scored its biggest hit, the top ten single Northern Lights, in 1978 after both former Yardbirds had left. Relf departed the group in 1972, and died in his bathtub on May 14, 1976, electrocuted by his own guitar.   His last album with the heavy metal band. Armegeddon. (Yardbirds) 

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Keith Relf did not die in the bathtub.
He had fitted out the basement of his house as a recording studio and this is where he was found on the floor by his son. His guitar was not properly earthed, and although the shock was fairly mild Keith had been ill and was not fit enough to withstand it. ~Tana  friend of Jane & Keith.

Re:  how was he electrocuted? (bill smith)
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 17:34:02 GMT
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It needs to be cleared up – Keith died as a result electrocution when playing his guitar unearthed and standing over a hidden  gas line by the fireplace – he DID NOT die in the bath. All sites should amend their details.