Keith Godchaux: Age 32 | Cause Of Death: CAR CRASH

Grateful Dead

(b. 19 July 1948; d. 23 July 1980)

After years of ill-health through alcohol abuse, Pigpen died in 1973. He was replaced by Keith Godchaux from Dave Mason’s band, who together with his wife Donna on vocals compensated for the tragic loss.  Although they had been with the band for some years, Keith and Donna Godcheaux had never truly fitted in.  They were asked to leave at the end of 1979.  They rebounded into a band called Ghosts which reformed as the Heart of Gold Band. The word is that the first gig was sensational, and a few days later they went into the Dead’s Front Street Studio.  After one wonderful night of rehearsal, Keith drove off to the car crash that killed him. Visitor’s note: “Incidentely, in case you are unfamiliar with the details of Keith Godchaux’s death, as I recall, he and a buddy were leaving a toll plaza and drove into the back of a flatbed truck killing KG.” ~