Jimmy McCulloch: Age 26 | Cause Of Death: POOR MAINTENANCE

(born Glasgow, Scotland on June 4, 1953; died London, on Sept. 27, 1979)

Jimmy McCulloch was a  guitarist for Thunderclap Newman, John Mayall Band, Stone the Crows, and Wings.  He died of a mixture of morphine, alcohol and marijuana.

NOTE FROM VISITOR: “I see the COD for Jimmy is stated as being due to morphine, alcohol, and marijuana. Jimmy was not a user of hard drugs, let that be known, and he didn’t inject drugs. He certainly didn’t use heroin, which some websites state he did. He died of the effects of acute morphine poisoning — “poisoning” is the result of an overdose. You could give yourself an overdose and it would be documented as “poisoning.” I could give you an overdose and it would be documented as “poisoning.” Understand?

The alcohol did not play a significant role, his BAC wasn’t high enough for it to have, and neither were the levels of marijuana in his system. Besides, Marijuana is not fatal! There remains an open verdict surrounding his death. I don’t enjoy seeing his reputation sullied over and over at every website that mentions him and I would like a correction made.

Thank you,

L. H.