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Jim Morrison: Age 27 | Cause Of Death: HEROIN

The Doors

(b.James Douglas Morrison, 8 December 1943, Melbourne, Florida, d. 3 July 1971, Paris)

The Florida born Morrison was fed up with the music industry in LA, so in March of 1971 he packed up and went to live in Paris with his on again/off again partner, Pamela Courson…Morrison was a rather large shadow of his former self during his final months. Too much booze (he was a confirmed alcoholic), heroin and women. There were vague plans for another Doors album, or a tour, but it was never to be…He and Pam then shared an apartment at 17 rue Beautreillis, near place de la Bastille, not far from Pere Lachaise. Jim had visited the cemetery only a few weeks before his death…It all ended for Jimbo on July 3, 1971 at 5am. It seems that Morrison had spent the evening at Rock n Roll Circus (now called the “Whisky A Go Go” at 57 rue de la Seine), where he acquired a fix. It was Chinese and very pure. Some would say too pure. There is one story that Jim died in the club, then his body was taken back to his apartment. Officially, he died in the apartment, in the bathtub, from heart failure. He was 27.   Pam reportedly told the police that Jim complained of feeling ill, and asked her to get a bath ready. Minutes later she discovered him, unconscious in the tub… No autopsy was done, and Pam “could not remember” the name of the doctor who signed the certificate: “Heart problems were aggravated by the abuse of alcohol, followed by an abrupt change of temperature caused cardiac arrest.” …On Wednesday, the coffin was buried secretly in Pere Lachaise. ~Jon Spiteri, Find a Death
From a visitor to this site: 
I am a huge Doors/Jim Morrison fan and on your site it says that he was killed in the Chinese a Go-go where someone fixed him up some heroine that was "too pure". That is not true. It was late one night that Morrison came home to his apartment when he saw Pamela Courson and a pile of white powder on the table next to her. Jim and Pamela often got in violent fights about her heroine addiction. Pamela did not want to get into another fight so she told Jim that it was Cocaine. Jim had been known to like cocaine so of course, he snorted it. The heroine was too pure and too much for Jim because he never really often did heroine, and the amount was so much that Jim could not handle the amount. He fell to the ground and Pamela panicked and got a tub of warm water ready (this was known to cure heroine addicts). She put Jim in the tub and called the police. Jim Morrison was pronounced dead at 9:27 p.m. on July 3rd, 1971.  I hope you reconsider and change the info on your site as it is
inaccurate. Thank you for your time. ~Nick

Jim Morrison may have to be exhumed and moved from Paris, says ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine, on or around the 6th July 2001… This date is when the 30-year lease on his grave expires. The ‘Guvnor’ at Père Lachaise cemetery says they are sick of cleaning up after fans who visit Morrison’s grave. The cemetery, also contains the remains Oscar Wilde, Chopin, Proust and Jean-Paul Sartre.  Ray Manzarek, The Doors minder and spokesman, said that Morrison may be moved to the Czech National Cemetery, and laid to rest next to Franz Kafka, although Morrison’s Mum and Dad have the final say.