Ira Loudermilk (Louvin): Age 40 | Cause Of Death: CAR CRASH

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(b. 21 April 1924, d. 20 June 1965)

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Ira took up the mandolin and Charlie the guitar and they created perfect harmonies for country and gospel music, inspired, in particular, by the Blue Sky Boys. In 1943, after winning a talent contest in Chattanooga, they began broadcasting regularly, leading to three shows a day for WMPS in Memphis.  They crossed over to the country market with their own composition When I Stop Dreaming, which is now a standard.  The Louvin Brothers broke up officially in August, 1963… following the recording of their last album, “Thank God for My Christian Home”.   Ira started his solo career with Yodel Sweet Molly but he was shot 3 times in the back and badly injured by his 3rd wife, Faye, whom he then divorced. He then married Florence, who sang on his shows as Anne Young, but soon afterwards they both perished in Jefferson City, Missouri on 20 June 1965.  Driving home from a performance, Ira’s car was struck in a head-on collision. ~Encyclopedia of Popular Music Copyright Muze UK Ltd. 1989 – 1998
The song “Yodel Sweet Molly” was recorded in March, 1965, and not released until August 1965, two months following Louvin’s death.  Bill Monroe was on tour when Ira died, and he cancelled an engagement to return to Nashville to sing “Where No One Stands Alone” at Ira’s funeral. ~ K.F. Raizor    (See authoritative book on Louvins: B&N In Close Harmony)