Igor Talkov: Age 34 | Cause Of Death: GUNSHOT

(Died: 6 October 1991)

On the pop scene, singer-songwriter Igor Talkov had endeared himself to millions of Russians whom his serious and clever songs helped to survive the crumbling of time-tested values… As thousands of defenders of democracy celebrated around the White House parliament building in downtown Moscow, Talkov was there singing his stirringly uplifting songs while millions of others watched the televised event… Six days later, on October 6, Igor Talkov was shot down backstage at the Yubileiny concert hall in Leningrad. Who did it and why we still don’t know… ~http://www.vor.ru/century/1991m.html

(February 2, 2000)
 Murder of Igor Talkov
Eight Years of Mystery

A famous pop singer and composer Igor Talkov was murdered on October 6, 1991 during the concert at the Olympiysky concert hall in St. Petersburg. During the concert two pop singers Talkov and Aziza quarreled over the queue to the stage. Aziza’s interests were protected by her friend Igor Malakhov, a showbiz tycoon well–known in the criminal circles. Another participant of the quarrel was Igor Talkov’s director Valery Shlyafmann. The verbal squabble ended up with a fatal shot.  The investigation should find out who pulled the trigger – Malakhov who escaped from the locus delicti and lost his revolver, or Shlyafmann who looked upset after the tragedy? The criminal proceedings are still suspended, since the convict can not be brought to trial.
The Independent Investigation has found out that Valery Shlyafmann is the main suspect of Igor Talkov’s murder. However, with the consent of the investigation officer, in 1992 he left Russia for Israel. The attempts of the Prosecutor’s office to bring him to trial failed, since there is sufficient evidence of his involvement. The authors of the program managed to contact to Valery Shlyafmann, and he gave an exclusive interview in which he provided a detailed story of what had happened that night, and explained why it was convenient to leave everything as it was.
~ http://tv.ntv.ru/program/talk/enezav_rassled.html