G.G. Allin: Age 36 | Cause Of Death: HEROIN

(AKA  Kevin Michael Allin;  DOB: 8/29/56 DOD: 6/28/93)

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Bands include: G.G. Allin and the Murder Junkies, The Jabbers.
Cause of death is a little hard to explain… basically, an overdose.  he drank some whiskey and exlax… then allegedly shot herione… starting   defecating onstage, as usual and eating his feces…. cutting himself up…   then he flipped out and started attacking people…   he ran from the cops and they found him dead in a ditch the next morning.  the official cause of death in the coroner*s report was an overdose.  an overdose of what, i’m not sure. probably so much different shit it was just easier to say OVERDOSE, in general. ~from Nikolette Lepora.
Hey, have you heard of GG Allin? He died a couple years ago of a heroin overdose. For about 15 years he was the most aggressive, extreme, hated  punk rocker on the planet – and the reputation was well deserved. The music he put out was not exactly well produced, but it’s power was immense. The best cd to get is “Dirty Love Songs”, which is a collection from many of his bands. The following is the tale of his funeral…GG Allin’s funeral – I was there less than two months after meeting the guy. Now, we all knew he wasn’t going to die of old age and we all knew it wouldn’t be an ordinary service, but I wasn’t quite prepared for that I saw. The band’s drummer was drawing on GG’s leg with a magic marker. The body was dressed in his leather jacket and a jockstrap that said “Eat Me”.  He held a microphone in one hand and a jug of Jim Beam in the other. Everyone was hammered. When the beer ran out, people wrenched the jug from his arms to swig from it. GG looked like hell… you want more?