Don Drummond: Age 37 | Cause Of Death: MYSTERIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES


(b.1943, Kingston, JA, d. 6 May1969, Kingston, JA)

One of the saddest things about Jamaican music is that one of its principal innovators died before ever seeing the growth and success of the genre he helped to create.  His fragile mental condition was not helped by the lack of either financial rewards or recognition for his talents. 1/1/65: Don Drummond was jailed for the murder of his girlfriend, Marguerita Mahfood. He was later convicted and remanded to the Belle Vue Asylum where he ended his days in 1969. Foul play is suspected as he was reported to be in excellent physical health. ~Music Central 96

New Year’s Day of 1965, he was arrested for the murder of his girlfriend, exotic dancer Marguerita Mahfood.  Her body was found in his home, the victim of multiple stab wounds; after a brief investigation, Drummond was deemed legally insane, and committed indefinitely to Bellevue Hospital. He died there on May 6, 1969 at the age of 37 — although officially explained as a suicide, there was no official autopsy, and rumors about his death continue to swirl to this day. At the memorial service, Supersonics drummer Hugh Malcolm ripped up the death certificate, charging the hospital staff with murder and calling Drummond a victim of the government authorities who regularly targeted Kingston-area performers; others claimed Drummond was slain by mobsters in cahoots with the family of Marguerita Mahfood. In any case, his death was the true end of an era, but his influence lives on. ~ Jason AnkenyAll-Music Guide

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