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Dennis Wilson: Age 39 | Cause Of Death: DROWNING

Beach Boys 
(b. 4 Dec. 1944, Hawthorne, California, d. 28 Dec. 1983)

 The former drummer with the Beach Boys started to develop as a notable songwriter during the late ’60s when his elder brother, Brian, became less prolific. Dennis blossomed showing a hitherto unseen sensitivity which had always been clouded by his wild nature and legendary womanizing. Dennis, sadly became a tragic figure, his voice so badly wracked through drug and alcohol abuse ended as merely a painful croak. During a break from recording his unreleased BAMBOO in 1983.  
Wilson drowned after diving from his yacht in the harbor at Marina Del Ray, California.  As the only Beach Boy to have actually surfed, special dispensation was given to the Wilson family to bury Dennis at sea. 
~Music Central 96