Camoflauge: Age 21 | Cause Of Death: GUNSHOT

(born Jason Johnson, died May 19, 2003)

(5/21/03, 7 a.m. ET) — Georgia-based rapper Camoflauge was shot and killed on Monday (May 19), as he walked with his young son in front of his label, Pure Pain Records, on 37th Street in Savannah, Georgia. The rapper’s son wasn’t hurt in the shooting which occurred at 4:30 p.m. Camoflauge, whose birth name is Jason Johnson, was 21 years-old. He was pronounced dead at Memorial Health University Medical Center.

According to the Savannah Morning News, police have made no arrests and have no leads in the shooting.

Camoflauge released his debut set, I Represent, independently in 2000. The rapper issued his major label debut, Strictly 4 Da Streets: Drugs Sex And Violence, Vol. 1, on Universal Records in 2001. Camoflauge’s last album was 2002’s Keepin’ It Real which was released on Pure Pain Records.

Camoflauge often said that Tupac, who was killed in a drive by shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1996, inspired him most. “My biggest influence was Tupac,” Camoflauge said. “‘Pac used to speak about what was real, you know what I’m talking about? How his mom was on drugs. How he was a thug. Things he did. The way we live. You know it was like he was talking about my life, you know what I’m talking about? So that just taught me to keep it real throughout all my music.”

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