Bunny Berigan: Age 33 | Cause Of Death: POOR MAINTENANCE

(b. Rowland Bernart Berigan, 2 November 1908, Hilbert, Calumet, Wisconsin, USA, d. 2 June 1942)

Personally, Bunny was an alcoholic who worked, played and drank himself to death. But his talent was evident in everything he did musically. Here’s what Benny Goodman said in 1981 (from the copyrighted liner notes from “The Pied Piper,” ©1995 BMG Music, written by Richard M. Sudhalter):
“It was like a bolt of electricity running through the whole band. He just lifted the whole thing. You can explain it in terms of his tone, his range, musicianship, great ideas. Whatever you want, it’s all of that – and none of it. It’s a God-given thing.”