Rolling Stones 

(b. Lewis Brian Hopkin-Jones, 26 February 1942, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, d. 3 July 1969, Cotchford Farm, Sussex)  

 While the Stones were re- establishing themselves, Brian Jones was falling deeper into drug abuse. A conviction in late 1968 prompted doubts about his availability for US tours and in the succeeding months he contributed less and less to recordings and became increasingly jealous of Jagger’s leading role in the group. Richards’ wooing and impregnation of Jones’ girlfriend Anita Pallenberg merely increased the tension. Matters reached a crisis point in June 1969 when Jones officially left the group. The following month he was found dead in the swimming pool of the Sussex house that had once belonged to writer A.A. Milne. The official verdict was ‘death by misadventure’. ~music central ’96.

“The many theories of murder mostly revolve around the many people who were at Brian’s home that night, and whose police statements all clash and contradict one another. These theories carry a lot of weight and there seems to be too much proof to be just rumours. To find out more about the murder of Brian, look out for the books: ‘Golden Stone-The Untold Life And Death Of Brian Jones’ by Laura Jackson or ‘Paint It Black-The Murder Of Brian Jones’ by Geoffrey Giuliano.”~redrooster

Swedish girlfriend claims Stones’ Brian Jones murdered
Thursday, July 08, 1999

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – A Swedish woman who found Rolling Stones star Brian Jones drowned in his swimming pool 30 years ago has said she believes the guitarist was murdered.

Anna Wohlin, who was Jones’ girlfriend at the time of his death, has broken her years of silence with a new book, “Murder of Brian Jones ” published this week.

Wohlin, now 53, told Swedish newspaper Expressen it had taken her this long to be able to talk about the night of July 3, 1969, when she found 27-year-old Jones’ dead in the pool at his luxury farmhouse in Hartfield, England.

“It hurt so much and went so deep. It was as if it had not happened to me,” Wohlin said in the interview. “I was in such shock that I was sick. Then I repressed it — I got married.’

A verdict of misadventure was recorded at the inquest into Jones’ death. He was believed to have been swimming while under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

But Wohlin, who now runs a women’s clothing shop in Stockholm, insists that by the time of his death Jones had stopped using hard drugs and had cut back on his drinking.

She claims builder Frank Thorogood, now also dead, killed Jones in a dispute over money. Thorogood was doing some work for Jones at his farm.

This theory gained credibility in 1994 when a recording of an alleged death bed confession by Thorogood came to light. Police briefly reopened the investigation but made no progress.

Wohlin said she decided after her recent divorce to tell her version of Jones’ death.

“I felt that I wanted to tell what really happened, mainly for the sake of his son and his closest friends, who also believed that he died when he was on drugs. That wasn’t true. I knew what was going on,”  she said.   ~Reuters/Variety

Brian Jones : The Last Decadent by Jeremy Reed;

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