Restaurant Tour #1 

RAW Org Vegan Kreem and Raw by Gordon Polatnick

        It's fair to say that it's good to eat well. And you'd do well to check the bill of fare at a new Sunset district restaurant called Org Vegan Kreem and Raw (9th Ave. by Lincoln). 

     All the food is organic, vegan (no animal nothing), and raw. All the food is delicious  and nutritious, prepared and presented with excess creativity and flare to spare.   Sitting down to a meal at "Raw" is like dining in the imagination of Juliano, the owner/chef. This nice young man has created a world within four walls wherein the food you chew makes you a better person. You taste it, you swallow it and between pleasant burps you "get it." 

     At the opening earlier this summer I asked the multitudes to write down their impressions for me. They all seemed to "get it." Allow me to offer into evidence exhibit A: "The idea of sitting for a long period of time and deliberately eating extremely healthy foods appeals to me, but we don't normally give ourselves time to eat. Especially in restaurants, it's usually a run in and run out affair. This is an entire experience...We should take home this 'consciousness' and prepare our daily meals with such study and care." 

     Another enlightened diner got this: "On the path between the source of beauty and this restaurant is a camel bearing fruits deep from the sea. Why is this food so good?  Rotating between the names of Allah, I have tasted the constellations." 

My hunch is that these folks enjoyed the victuals.  My dinner guests, John and Martha, and myself each joined the clean plate club, grousing only over the high prices (which have since been slashed). 

     The menu is undergoing renovations and should be viewed as a work in progress.   A selection of raw "pizzas" dazzles with no holds barred combinations of exotic stuff that works well as a team. Exhibit B is a pizza called Samurai: Owon and radish sprouts, umeboshi plums, sweet pepper, avocado, silky sea palm, oyster and shitake mushrooms, pine nuts and rare black sesame sprinkled on top. For those with well trained tongues who enjoy identifying hidden ingredients, this restaurant is the ultimate challenge. 

     The salads are overwhelming heaps of goodness with international themes. There's  the Jamaican with jumbo avocado, tomato, yellow squash and sweet red onion, fresh cayenne, olive oil, lemon, herbs and spices, and some hemp seed butter plopped on top. Other international entries arrive from Japan and Sicily, as well as a presumably Haight Street inspired Hemp Oil and Weed Salad featuring edible flowers. 

     Rounding out the menu are Crystal Energy Pudding; the Russian Burrito wrapped in nori and purple cabbage; the fresh fruit carob crepe tar, and the organic Orgasm in a Coconut Shell. A shot of fire water with a sliced apple chaser was served with our menus alerting us to the extensive selection of unusual wheat grassy type shots and smoothies available. Very original and tasty elixirs. 

     The originality and high mindedness coupled with the wonderful tasting food and drinks of Org Vegan Kreem and Raw should ensure its success. Of course it should, but of course it won't. So get your asses over there soon because when it folds it folds, and all that will be left for you to savor will be other people's memories and stories about a great San Francisco restaurant.

Now called:

RAW Living Food Restaurant
1224 9th Avenue San Francisco CA 94122 (415)OMJ JAYA

Gordon Polatnick is currently living in New York City, cooking bacon.

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