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In Search of Fela Anikulapo Kuti

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Black President: The Art and Legacy of Fela Kuti

Fela: From West Africa to West Broadway

The authoritative Fela biography is finally here in hardback or paperback
Fela : The Life & Times of an African Musical Icon
by Michael E. Veal (Paperback - June 2000)

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 Fela, Fela: This Bitch of a Life

Published 1982

These are the Fela LP's that are in my collection,
a supplemental list of many other lp's follows.

Shuffering and Shmiling Celluloid, 1985 
S. and S. Vocal 
S and S.  Instrumental  

Unnecessary Begging Makossa Int. Records, 1982 
Unnecessary Begging 
No Buredi

Mr. Follow Follow Celluloid, 1986 
Mr. Follow Follow 
Who No Know Go Know 

Fela Ransom Kuti Vol. 1 & 2 Pathe Marconi EMI, 1977 
Shakara (Oloje) 
Chop and Quench 
Let’s Start  
Black Man’s Cry 
Je’nwi Temi (don’t gag me)  
Alu Jon Jonki Jon  
Egbe Mi O Carry Me I Want To Die

Perambulator Lagos International Records, 1983 

Ikoyi Blindness African Music International, 1976 
Ikoyi Blindness  
Gba Mi Leti Ki N’dolowo (Slap Me Make I Get Money) 

Confusion EMI (Nigeria) 
Confusion Part 1   
Confusion Part 2

Yellow Fever Decca 1976  
Yellow Fever  
Na Poi ‘75 

No Agreement Celluloid, 1985  
No Agreement  
Dog Eat Dog 

Everything Scatter Phillips, 1976  
Everything Scatter  
Who No Know Go Know 

Alagbon Close Editions Makossa International Records, 1975  
Alagbon Close 
I No Get Eye For Back 

He Miss Road  Stern's Africa, 1994 
He Miss Road 
Monday Morning in Lagos 
It's No Possible

Na Poi  Barclay France, 1997 (originally 1976) 
Na Poi (Part 1) 
Na Poi (Part 2) 
You No Go Die....Unless 

Upside Down London Phase 4 Stereo, 1977 
Upside Down 
Go Slow 

Music of Many Colors w/ Roy Ayers Celluloid, 1986 
2,000 Blacks Got To Be Free 
Africa-Centre of the World 

Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense Mercury, Polygram, Barclay, Baya, 1986  
TDTMN Vocal   
TDTMN Instrumental 
Look and Laugh Vocal  
Look and Laugh Instrumental 

Again, Excuse O Phonogram,1975 Coconut, or 1977  
Mr. Grammarticalogylisationalism is the Boss 

Zombie Mercury, 1977 
Monkey Banana  
Everything Scatter

Expensive Shit Editions Makossa International Records, 1981 
Expensive Shit,  
Water No Get Enemy 

Black President Arista, 1981 (London) 
Sorrow Tears and Blood 
Colonial Mentality  
I.T.T. (International Thief Thief)

Original Sufferhead Arista, 1981 (Europe) 
Original Sufferhead  
Power ShowI

Go Shout Plenty Afrodesia, 1986  
I Go Shout Plenty  
Why Black Man Dey Suffer 

Army Arrangement (Remix) Celluloid Records, 1985  
Army Arrangement  
Cross Examination  
Government Chicken Boy 

Coffin For Head of State Kalakuta Records, (1980?)  
Coffin For Head of State Vocal   
Coffin For Head of State Instrumental

Kalakuta Show Editions Makossa International Records, 1976  
Kalakuta Show  
Don’t Make Ganran Ganran 

Music of Fela Vol. 2 Question Jam Answer Editions Makossa International Records, 1975  
Question Jam Answer  
Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake Am 

Army Arrangement (orig) Celluloid, 1985  
Army Arrangement:  Vocal 
Army Arrangement:  Instrumental 


Authority Stealing Barclay France, 1997 (originally 1980) 
Authority Stealing 
Le Vol Par Le Pouvoir

Open and Close Pathe Marconi EMI, 1975 
Open and Close 
Swegbe and Pako pts. 1 & 2 
Gbagada Gbagada Gbogodo Gbogodo 

Fela Anikulapo Kuti & the Africa 70 (From Ginger Baker Live) EMI Records, 1983 
Alu Jon Jonki Jon 
Chop and Quench  
Eko Ile 
Je’nwi Temi (Don’t Gag Me) 
Let’s Start 
Black Man’s Cry  
Ye Ye de Smell 
(Egbe Mi O) Carry Me I Want To Die 

Successo, Stratavarious, Ginger Baker RSO, 1972  
Tiwa (It’s our own)  
Something Nice  
Blood Brothers  

With Ginger Baker- Live EMI Standard, 1971  
Let’s Start  
Black Man’s Cry  
Ye Ye De Smell  
Egbe Mi O 

Johnny Just Drop (J.J.D.) Live at Kalakuta Afrodesia, Decca W.A. 1977  
J.J.D. Part 1 
J.J.D  Part 2 

Beasts of No Nation Kalakuta Records, 1989 
Beasts of No Nation 
Betes Sauvages Sans Nationalite (in French) 

Live In Amsterdam EMI Records, 1984 
Movement of the People-Political Statement Number One, pt. 1 
Movement of the People-Political Statement Number One, pt. 2 
Gimme Shit I Give You Shit 
Custom Check Point 

Shakara Editions Makossa International Records, 1974 
Sakara Oloje 

Music of Fela Vol. 1 Roforofo Fight Editions Makossa International Records, 1975  
Roforofo Fight 
Go Slow

Opposite People Decca,1977  
Opposite People  
Equalisation of Trouser and Pant 



From a letter received November 26, 2002

I m a big fan of fela and I'd like to finish the whole discography but it sounds a little bit difficult cuz as u know there is some stuff not even released so... ... My name is Amine if you'd like to return my e mail please e-mail me at mard2@caramail.com so far that's what I miss:
Onifere No. 2 (highlife) / Oyejo (highlife) (7" Nigeria, The RK label RK4)
Oloruka (highlife) b/w Awo (highlife) (7" Nigeria, The RK label RK5)
Great Kids (modern highlife) b/w Amaechi's Blues (modern jazz) (7" Nigeria, Phillips West Africa Records 382734 PF (PF 734))
Yese b/w Egbin (7" Nigeria, Parlophone NPJ420-- 7XNPS1399/1400)
Ololufe b/w Araba's Delight (7" Nigeria, Parlophone NPJ513--7XNPS1573/1574)
Wadele (or Wa Dele) b/w Laise (7" Nigeria, Parlophone NPJ514?--7XNPS1575/1576)
Omuti Ti Se b/w ?? (7" Nigeria, label and suffix, unknown)
Die Die b/w Kusimilaya (7" Nigeria, Parlophone (EMI) PNE102
Fire b/w Oni Machini (7" Nigeria, Parlophone (EMI) PNE103)
[A] Signature Tune / It's Highlife Time / Lagos Baby / Omuti /  Araba's Delight
[B] Wa Dele / Lai Se / Mi O Mo / Obinrin Le / Omo Ejo
Orise (highlife) b/w Eke (highlife) (7" Nigeria, Parlophone (EMI) NPJ533 --7XNPS1613/1614)
[A] Ololufe / Ayawa Ni / Onidodo / Yese / Araba's Delight
[B] Abiara / Onijibiti / Madele / Orun / Ojo
A] Everyday I Got My Blues / Moti Gborokan / Waka Waka
[B] Ako / Ororuka / Lai Se
Onidodo b/w Alagbara (7" Nigeria, Phillips West Africa Records PF383 620)
Abiara b/w Ajo (7" Nigeria, Phillips West Africa Records PF383 622)
Waka Waka (afro beat) b/w Se E Tunde (afro beat)
My Baby Don Love Me b/w Home Cooking
Keep Nigeria One b/w ? (7" Nigeria, Unknown ??)
Lover b/w Wayo (7" Nigeria, The Duke Records DUK -002)
White Man to Suffer b/w ??
Beautiful Dancer

[B] Ikoyi Mentality Versus Mushin Mentality
[B] Na Fight
[A] Ariwo / Tiwa
[B] Something Nice / Juju / Blood Brothers 69 / Coda
Alujon-Jon-Ki-Jon (Part 1) b/w Alujon-Jon-Ki-Jon (Part 2)
Shenshema (Part 1) b/w Shenshema (Part 2)
Fogo-Fogo (Part 1) b/w Fogo-Fogo (Part 2) (7" Ghana, HMV HNS1472)
Ariya (Part 1) b/w Ariya (Part 2)
Going In and Coming Out (Part 1) b/w Going In and Coming Out (Part 2)
[B] Beggar's Song
[A] Noise for Vendor Mouth
[B] Mattress
The Basa-Basa Soundz (LP Nigeria, Decca Afrodisia DWAPS 2016)
[A] Dr Solotsu / Nye Tao Ame / Tinapa Minana / Aziza
[B] Lakuma / Yayaa / Nature / Amal
Mr. Big Mouth (LP Nigeria, Decca Afrodisia DWAPS2030)
[A] Mr. Big Mouth
[B] The Beginning
[A] Why Black Man Dey Suffer
[B] Male
[A] I Go Shout Plenty
[B] Frustration of My Lady
A] Low Profile
[A] No Accommodation for Lagos
[A] Se-Rere
A] Oduduwa
[B] Were Oju Le


    In Search of the Unreleased Fela Songs

From a letter received September 21, 1999 

I am looking for tapes of Fela's later songs that were never officially recorded. Some of them exist in the form of concert tapes made when Fela toured abroad. Are you familiar with any of the following tracks? 

  • Country of Pain
  • Clear Road for Jagba Jagba
  • Chop and Clean Mouth Like Nothing Happened
  • Music Against Second Slavery
  • Government of Crooks
  • Akunakuna, Senior Brother of Perambulator
  • Big Blind Country
  • Condom Scallywag and Scatter

From a second letter: 

  • Beautiful Dancer
  • Na Fight
  • Who Are You Re (the original)
  • Shenshema

If you have access to these recordings please contact me - a lot of people would like to hear these tapes.